Success in Legal Matters

Legal-SuccessThe same type Success Strategies that you can use for profession and money are also highly effective when you use them to achieve success in legal situations.

Lawyers using Chi Generator Technology can certainly harness Chi energy to boost their success rates.

There are many ways of tackling such situations with the help of orgone radionics™ equipment that is powered by Chi Generators®.

1. Avoid or prevent lawsuits
2. Towards favorable arbitration
3. Set up positive lawyer relationship
4. Negative lawyer relationship
5. Witnesses – influence, prevent, find, conceal
6. Set up relations to judges between parties, lawyers and others who are of importance in the situation.
7. Relations, sympathies and antipathies in general
8. Publicity involved
9. Charisma, popularity
10. NLP skills
11. Influence juries

Here, of course, the raw power of the orgone generating equipment can make all the difference! Ideal are the ATG 1200 or the RAD 5.

You find the appropriate filters as packs and in the power radionics manifestation programs. You can use the Manifestation Program in combination with the Performer and Sports. The Manifestation Program supplies the frequency that is best for the sports activity. This frequency drives the PCHD 2400, which is a heavy duty device that you can plug into the sound output of your computer. You can use the program itself to boost specific skills, have impact upon your environment, etc.