RAOPTC Aqua Optimizer Coaster


Naturally, this same large transfer disk provides you personally with powerful life force from your AO-capable Orgone-Generator® anywhere you are, whether just down the road from your generator or half way around the globe.

In fact, the RAOPTC is your virtual pocket-optimizing coaster for food and drinks, and it provides you as well with powerful chi energy whenever you carry it with you while your Orgone Generator Device with the RAOPTC transfer unit is running in your home.


The RAOPTC is specially designed for you to be capable of easily making living water, to enliven food and to supercharge supplements, even if you are thousands of miles away from your generator of life force!

The transfer disk that you carry with you is large enough (ca. 3.25″ or 8 cm diameter) to put food or drinks onto it. A larger transfer plate means more energy for faster charging!


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