ATG 12000 Radionics Machine

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The ATG 12000 is the newest Welz Radionics machine which emits more than double the output power of the ATGS 3000 generator from it’s built-in 12 radionics chi generators. Because of its powerful output you can run more operations consecutively. The ATG 12000 also comes with a complimentary frequency meter which allows for setting desired frequency settings on the generator with more precision. Not only can frequencies be programmed using this generator but you can also set operations for known planetary frequencies, radionics frequencies and any mind frequencies you choose which range from 0.6Hz to 450Hz.

The ATG 12000 comprises of different frequency dials lined up in rows of three which allow you to set literally thousands of varied frequencies using the dial position combinations. All three dials in each row on the generator all emit the same frequency when turned to the 0 position and when turned by the user can “radionically” be adapted to known patterns, environmental circumstances all of which are determined by different circumstances of which your intentions are deciding in accordance with your planned desires and outcomes. Due to the thousands of combination frequencies afforded by this generator you can maximize and optimize the “structural linkage” to your targets and intended trends within your programmed operations.


The amazing ATG 12000 Radionics Machine is without a doubt the most powerful, advanced radionics technology device on the planet for use in “Trend Management“.

With 12 powerful orgone generators incorporated into the it’s super-orgonite, donut ring it allows the user to precisely configure each internal generator to any frequency of choice.

With such available frequency configuration settings the accuracy of creating structural linkage serves to boost the designated intended characteristics of the radionics settings or Trend and Target abstractions.

By using the three dials on each row of the generator the user can achieve thousands of frequency settings by turning each dial in combination with the stick or rubbing pads which indicate the desired frequency with the intended target and trend in mind.

Included with this generator we are giving away a complimentary frequency meter for precision settings!

The ATG 12000 allows you to propagate extremely potent astrological greenhouses with the greatest of ease. By using the Basic Manifestation Program software in combination with the ATG 12000 running up to 24 concurrent operations which due to the amount of powerful generators
built into the device allow you to unleash rather complicated separate operations with maximized amounts of orgone, chi or prana energy being emitted towards the intended Target using your programmed trends. This emitting of delicate chi, orgone energy is the energy which makes creating action at a distance possible.

Each and every one of the 12 built-in chi generators can be individually programmed with a predetermined frequency setting of your choice. For example, wanting to achieve a planetary energy using different transfers or diagrams provided with the Basic Manifestation Program software will allow you to run up to three various concurrent operations on each and every generator with a specific frequency.

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