AO 1100 Aqua Optimizer

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A special dual purpose Chi Generator

It revitalizes water and it charges revitalized water with life force (chi energy).The Story of Water – Water is the stuff of life

You can think of Water as a living being. When it comes from the spring, it literally is alive, it is the stuff of life, it enlivens! It is living when coming from clean springs, continues in healthy rivers all the way to the ocean, and you can consider the ocean itself as being the largest living organism on the planet. We all know that we are 70% water and we know that we cannot live without it. Therefore the water we drink certainly should be the stuff of life. So it is obvious that what we should drink is living water, pure and healthy as nature provides it, ideally containing as much life force as possible.



This certainly is not the water that we get! Destruction of the natural state of water (literally killing it) by mistreatment and pollution has been one of the earliest sins of humans. Such destructive behavior usually went hand in hand with the establishment of large population centers. Naturally then, such large cities were a breeding ground of numerous diseases, such as epidemics of typhoid fever and cholera, that resulted from abuse, mismanagement and overuse of water.

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1 review for AO 1100 Aqua Optimizer

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    An excellent piece of equipment to charge your water or even charge supplements before ingesting them with powerful orgone energy emitted from the machine.

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