Chi Generator for Family and Children

  • Performer 2400 Charging SupplimentsTo balance the family
  • To help children in general
  • To help children in school (improve learning, influence teachers to like them, etc.)
  • To have a happy family life
  • To improve a dysfunctional family
  • To bring a family back together (you will need the appropriate success strategies)
  • The Chi Generator used for this type complex work should be middle of the line to heavy duty. Use radionics and/or the filter packs such as for relationships and the Alphabet of Success.

You can use the Manifestation Program in combination with the Performer and Sports. The Manifestation Program supplies the frequency that is best for the sports activity. This frequency drives the PCHD 2400, which is a heavy duty device that you can plug into the sound output of your computer. You can use the program itself to boost specific skills, have impact upon your environment, etc,