Boost Love Relations

Love and Relations are a very complex field of work with orgone radionics. To find a new love is relatively easy, provided that the person has enough sense to project that which a potential partner wants to notice. Radionics can help you develop the right attitude and attract a partner that fits best. To get an ex-lover or marriage partner back requires success strategies and usually a lot of re-orientation, so that the person that is targeted can notice desirable change and will then automatically notice the positive characteristics and benefits of re-kindling the relationship. Part of this can be work to break up an existing relation, perhaps to get rid of a competitor. Here too, you can make a difference between average outcome and spectacular success with the appropriate success strategies.

You can use love work in business situations. Here, of course, a relationship is not the ultimate goal. Much more it is important that such feelings cause the target to decide according to the wishes of the person who did the work. In some of these cases, working towards friendship is more appropriate and effective. Don’t forget: most decisions in business are not based on logic, but on irrational factors such as personal preferences, love, membership in the same golf club and the like.

In order to boost the potential to manifest using the JU 99 CE in combination with the Basic Manifestation Software is adequate. Devices of more strength are designed for faster results and they offer much more flexibility, which is especially of importance in highly complex situations.

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Manifestation Software

Basic Manifestation Software

Important Considerations:

1. Get rid of obsession and use the equipment and manifestation program to rid yourself of it.

2. Project strength and security. Again use the equipment in combination with manifestation techniques to build up that aura.

3. Develop a powerful charisma and power of attraction with the help of your equipment.

4. Find and analyze interferences that can block the outcome of your operation. Again use manifestation techniques and proceed step by step.

5. Never put the person wanting the love spell (you or someone for whom you do the work) on the equipment together with the target person. Always do it one-way, otherwise the main energy push goes towards the person wanting the work done, making him or her still more obsessed! This is the crucial mistake that many magicians are making – usually they blame their customers or a fictitious “spell” put against them or the person they want for the failure rather than their own inadequacies. Clearing such a spell “professionally,” of course, brings in additional money from a customer who otherwise would have looked somewhere else.

The Basic Manifestation Program can be a decisive help.