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Radionics was first discovered in the 1800’s. In order to get a great appreciation and understanding of what radionics is we have to go over a few principles first that will lay the foundation for what will be explained a little later in this article. We are going to do a very deep dive into quantum physics on this but at a level that everybody will and can see and understand quickly. This understanding leads us to know that as we get older as a civilization we get to see deeper and smaller and smaller by means of ever developing electron microscope technology.

As a result, something that has come to light relatively recently is down in the nucleus of the atom there are particles that are far smaller, so small we as yet don’t have the technology to measure then as yet. In each nucleus of each atom there is an imprint of everything that has come before it.

So when you talk about DNA memory or genetic memory what your really talking about is that way down deep everything that has ever been exposed to light is present in the smallest amount and when the day comes we can measure some of these findings, we’ll have some of these underpinnings. Karl Hans Welz, is the inventor responsible for developing this radionics generator technology into what it is today. Karl took from the predecessors who also built radionics devices such as the renowned scientist, Wilhelm Reich who built Orgone accumulators and built his radionics devices 10,000 times more powerful. Firstly, Mr. Welz designed orgonite which he developed into his super-orgonite and to this day keeps refining that formula which has made his generators the leader in powered radionics throughout the entire planet.

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