A Third Millennium Concept of Mind Machine Technology

There is certainly no doubt that the invention of the Welz Chi Generator, a generator of life force (chi, orgone, prana …), heralded a new era in mind machine technology. Karl Welz, the inventor of the life force generator, recognized that chi energy develops as a result of fields of life force in movement relative to each other. This is a process similar to the generating of electricity. The shift pattern is either caused by mechanical means or electrically. As a consequence, the life force that emanates from the Welz Chi Generator is pulsating in the frequency of the shifting process.

This characteristic of life force, its pulse, opened up a fascinating use of the life force generator.

Since the measured (very small) electrical effect of brain waves is a result of life force pulses (pulses of chi energy) in the brain, it makes a lot more sense to transmit pulsed life force directly to the brain rather than lights, sounds, or electric mini-shocks. It is now well established that the brain adjusts its wave pattern much more readily when stimulated by a pulse of life force itself (the stuff it’s made of anyway) rather than over the detour of flashing lights, sound frequencies, or electro shocks. Therefore, a Welz Chi Generator is a more effective tool to work directly on your nervous system than any light sound contraption that has ever been used on this planet previously!

The RAD 2400 DL and especially RAD 2400 HD offer you the ultimate in mind machine technology and how you can use them to help you enhance your life now. You will notice that the various kits of Welz Chi Generators and accessories will do everything that the — now obsolete — Light Sound devices can do, and then some … and that at very competitive prices!