Pets and Chi Energy

Pet Care, Reaction of Pets to Chi Energy

Optimizing-Pet-FoodPeople who have cats notice almost immediately their reaction to the orgone generator. Cats love to play with some invisible thing in front of the silver tubing, i.e., they are trying to catch the “little blue flame” that some people, especially children, can see as well. We do not know if cats actually see the same thing that people see. We just observe that they play with something. In general, cats and other animals feel very comfortable when they are close to any orgone generatorĀ®.

After close observation you will notice how many pets react to the orgone generator, which energizes pets just as well as it can energize human beings. Chi energy certainly can contribute to your pet’s overall well-feeling by energizing it and by balancing its life functions.

Charge the water that your pet drinks with the AO 2000, charge the food it eats and energize the supplements and herbs that you give to your pet.