Are All Mind Machines Impractical?

Radionics MachinesImagine yourself having an important meeting such as a date or a business meeting. You would like to be at your best, setting yourself right there into a level of awareness that promises optimal results. A conventional mind machine could help.  However, I do not think that such a meeting would be very productive if you showed up with earphones and goggles on your head or with attachments on your ear that look like roach clips!

That’s exactly where the new technology of Welz Chi Generators offers as exciting a solution as there can be. What’s still more exciting: With the Welz Chi Generator you can now project brain wave frequencies at a distance — any distance, even at other people, provided that you have a good structural link!

This means that you can use neurotechnology while in any important meeting, date, or interview, with no need to have those ridiculous goggles and earphones attached to your head! All you need to do is carry a transfer disk on you to have a direct link-up with your chi generator that is in your house — a few blocks away or half around the globe! However, it’s a neurotechnology that goes far beyond the limitations of the run-off-the-mill Light-Sound devices and related contraptions! Imagine establishing a structural link to a powerful opponent in your meeting and “mellowing out” that person with the appropriate brain-wave frequency