Enhance Plant Growth

Chi Energy

Chi Energy

You can achieve spectacular results in speed, looks and naturally taste when using the Chi Generator® to significantly enhance plant growth. In fact, even if you use artificial fertilizer, you can get a taste that is almost as good as if it was organic.

In addition to this, you got to use the Chi Generator® to optimize water for sprouting. In fact, many types of sprouts that you are growing in water, which is super charged with life energy, take less than two days to be edible instead of the usual three days, and, more importantly, they taste a lot better. To enhance plant growth with Chi energy and radionics is easy. Moreover, you can see the results very soon. These visible results have been tested time and again by means of double blind scientific methods.

In fact, methods to enhance plant growth with the addition of life energy are very ancient. It is well known that some people have a “green thumb”, i.e., anything they put into the ground and take care of grows better than if those plants were cared for by the average person. Now you can have the equipment that can naturally perform just as well as a person with a “green thumb”, and in fact you can outperform by far the famous “green thumb.”

One of the easiest methods, of course, is the treatment of the water that you use on plants. It is evident that plants prefer living water, i.e., water that is super charged with life energy. You can achieve still better effects with water that is also programmed towards certain desired results such as resistance against specific diseases or pests.

Structure Water For Plants

Optimize Water For Plants

Naturally, a week or two of using water that has been saturated with life energy on your house plants can give you the evidence that you wanted!

Besides charging the water with life energy, you can charge the fertilizers as well, even artificial fertilizers, in which case food that you are growing can almost gain this unmistakable fine “organic” taste: such plants, although not completely matching that which is organically grown, certainly come close to such strength! In addition to this, you can apply life force directly to the plants in question. Methods used for this purpose vary depending on the equipment that you use and the size of the area treated.

The ideal device used for house plants, gardens, small greenhouses and lawn care is AO 2000. Ideal is a radionics device, especially when it is specifically designed for water optimizing. Both the RAD 5 and the ATG 1200 have this characteristic. Furthermore, you can use the ATG 1200 for astrological planting and putting astrological information into the plant water and seeds, especially when maximizing the “magical” effects of herbs and when working on very large areas. To enhance the astrological energy fields for any area, large or small, use the Super Manifestation Program