Counteract Psychic Attacks

Psychic Attacks ProtectionExperience success in Magical Warfare chi energy for magical operations The Chi Generators® and orgone radionics™ devices are the ideal tools for any type magical work, and this includes the removal of attachments, clearing of person and houses, de-cursing, defense against attacks, reversal of attacks and to counteract magical impact, no matter whether it actually comes from negativity of others or is self-created. You can prevent or block destructive magical work of others and you can use the equipment for outright attacks in situations where such action is needed.

In all, this type magical warfare covers a wide field of applications. This is so, because increasingly people are leaning towards influencing the outcome of many situations with magical means. In fact, often people do this action at a distance on a subconscious level, not even being aware of the impact their negative thoughts may have. It certainly is a good idea to get familiar with effective technologies of defense before your worst enemies do so. Such preemptive action is exceedingly important in sections of the population and in countries where traditionally magical work is an accepted method of getting desired results.

The principles for this type operations can be learned with relative ease in the course “magic of the future”.

1. The cursing
2. Attachments
3. Defense against attacks
4. Clearing of persons
5. Clearing of houses
6. Attacks

The actual strength of your equipment is a crucial factor in these operations. In fact, with the skills of opponents being the same, the strongest equipment will prevail most of the time.