Chi Energy Applications for Business

The applications of orgone radionics™ equipment (Chi Generators®, Power Radionics™ etc.) for business are many. Here is a list of situations where the powerful orgone radionics can make a difference.

1. Opportunity for new business – you can set up opportunities that count
2. Success strategy in general – develop strategies in an existing business for expansion. See also a more
detailed description of success strategies in the section about profession and money.
3. With structural links, you can energize persons working in your business and customers indirectly. For
instance, you can put energy transfers to counters in shops, on chairs for customers, etc., plus you can set
trends to make them more open to your proposals in order to trigger real win-win situations for all involved.
4. When hiring people for a specific position, you can use orgone radionics to attract the best personnel
5. Promotional: Energize your advertising
6. Management – use equipment to boost efficiency and other desired qualities of management.
7. Money – Boost efficiency ad rewards in money management.
8. Trade shows – Use equipment to have the most attractive displays in trade shows
9. Improve the work atmosphere in general
10. Improve the office atmosphere
11. Charge chairs in important business meetings, for brain storming and to develop new ideas.
12. Use equipment to boost skills in all gambling situations such as involvement in the stock market.

Find specific how-to information in the manual and ask our customer support for complex situations.

For advanced situations in business, profession and politics, the radionics programs are a significant help! Therefore it is to your advantage that you work at least with one heavy duty device such as the RAD 2400 HD or the more powerful RAD 5, depending on the size of your business!