The Brain Evolution Manual


The book focuses on the development and completion of the 6th sense psychic ability traditionally called ESP (Extra Sensory Perception). Research and development using Welz technology has resulted in the pursuit of the senses beyond the 6th sense. In addition to the omnipotent understanding of man’s psychic ability there are more sensory perception skills that we are presently researching for development.

The Brain Evolution Manual is a conglomeration of useful information from over 20 years of research and development with HSCTI and Karl Hans Welz together with Welz chi generator owners around the world. This research has resulted in exercises to rapidly accelerate the capacity to operate one’s pure psychic ability which is required for development of senses beyond the 6th. Clarity development and awareness of mind is guaranteed by using your sensory perception skills learned from these practices which will exceed your expectations. Every section contains exercises for personal mind development and control.

A Welz chi generator is not required to significantly benefit from these exercises. When practiced as directed you will experience a major increase in your awareness of intelligence.

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