Boost Psychic Skills

Psychic SkillsThe Chi Generator, Manifestation Program and Power Radionics™ Devices are great tools to enhance any mind function, which include intuition, remote viewing, ESP and other psychic capabilities. Effects of low frequencies on psychic capabilities have been well established and they have been tested repeatedly by scientific methods.

As the orgone generator® can be set to precise low frequencies, it is naturally an ideal tool to enhance capabilities such as ESP, psychic skills, remote viewing and meditation practices, all of which are closely connected to “alpha” frequencies and lower.

To boost ESP and psychic skills, use 6.3 Hz on your orgone generator, while you can boost meditation with the Schumann resonance of 7.83Hz. Some persons are more successful with still lower frequencies such as 3.5Hz. Best is to experiment with as many different frequencies as possible and to find the best one for yourself. Excellent devices for individual use are the LPOG 2400 DL and LPOG 2400 HD and especially the RAD 2400 HD. Also great are the devices of the Performer series and, in conjunction with any HD devices, the Performer 2400, which allows precision frequencies and it has double the power of the RAD 2400 HD.